Deliverable 7. Implementation of the vineyard assays pilot experiences

This deliverable gives an in deep description of one of the climate change adaptation measures applied in the project: conversion of scrubs into vineyards and the adaptation of agricultural practices to climate change in long-established vineyards, in La Rioja and Catalonia. These measures, designed and deployed together with local stakeholders, were implemented by the end of 2019 and beginning 2020. An in deep description of the location of the experiences and the initial planned actions can be consulted in Nadal-Romero et al (2019, Deliverable 1).
The first section is a short introduction to the deliverable. The second section describes the vineyard assays activity in Catalonia, with a brief description of the pilot experience in the project proposed and the detailed description of the implemented pilot experience. The third section reproduces the same information from the vineyard assays in La Rioja. Finally, the fourth section summarizes all the implementation activities related to the vineyard assays pilot experiences.
This deliverable presents the activities carried out to implement the action C3, fundamental in the LIFE MIDMACC project.