Deliverable 9: Monitoring protocol of action C2 (forest management for fire risk prevention)

This deliverable gives an in deep description of the monitoring tasks and network developed to assess and compare the evolution of the pilot experiences in comparison with the initial conditions, with the control plots and with the experiences in other areas of the project. This deliverable explains the monitoring protocol developed for one of the climate change adaptation measures applied in the project: forest management for fire risk prevention and maintenance with extensive livestock farming.

We have tried to define accurately all the activities that have been carried out in 2020 and that will be carried out in the following four years before evaluating the adaptation measures implemented. We have described all the environmental variables that are going to be measured, with different methodologies, timings, and protocols: (i) soil properties (soil analysis and soil moisture), (ii) forest variables (forest structure, forest fuel continuity, forest health status, fuel moisture), (iii) pasture variables (biodiversity, production and quality), (iv) hydrological and sedimentological response (infiltration rates, sediments, times to response), and (v) site meteorological conditions (air moisture and temperature, rainfall).
The first section is a short introduction to the deliverable, with a briefly description of the pilot experiments and the main objectives of this deliverable. The second section describes the monitoring design implemented in both sites, Aragon and Catalonia. The third section details the monitoring variables that will be measured in each plot, the frequency of the monitoring and the methodology employed to measure the variables. Finally, the fourth section summarizes all the monitoring tasks implemented in the forest management pilot experiences.