Starting the transferability and replicability actions

LIFE MIDMACC project intends to move FROM a transfer through exclusively communication, dissemination and information, TO a transfer through the development of a joint work between agents that allows progress in the real possibilities of replicability, and THEN strengthens the activities proposed by the project, and the activation of institutional and territorial agents in the 3 areas of work. Transferability means to identify the adaptive landscape management practices that best suit other mid-mountain areas and to set up the basis for a real replicability. We will provide technical advising and planning to implement these practices in other three European mid-mountain areas, whereas we will promote the transfer of knowledge by organizing demonstration workshops and practical visits.

To do so we performed a Transferability and Replicability Plan to achieve the main objective of the project transfer which is to multiply the impact of the knowledge generated through the project. Now we have produced this interesting video to present our Transferability and Replicability activities and to invite you to participate in our plan.

Take part in our replicability and transferability plan!