Article: “Ruminating the landscape in the Empordà”

Interesting article wrote by Anna Espelt (viticulturist) about the viticulture as part of the landscape in the Empordà. She states that: “The vineyards are sources of grapes and, therefore, of wine, this is known; but what viticulture can and should do in our land is to go much further. It is necessary that our vineyards are agricultural systems of high natural value. This means that, in addition to making good wines that can be sold around the world with their heads held high, that in addition to providing work and being able to root people in the territory, the presence of the vineyard in our landscapes must be a generator foundation of biodiversity and resilience of our ecosystems”. She also says in the interview “That is why we work together with IRTA in the LIFE MIDMACC (mid mountain adaptation to climate change) project, to continue learning and to help turn what we have learned through intuition into scientific knowledge”.