First Transferability and Replicability Seminar

On June 7th 2021, the seminar ” European Seminar on Landscape Management and Climate Change”, the first seminar of Transferibility and Replicability of the LIFE MIDMACC project was hold virtually. More that 60 participants contributed to this interesting seminar.

The objectives of the seminar were:

  • To present the LIFE MIDMACC project to other territories in the Pyrenees (not directly involved in the project) and to other mountain areas in Europe.
  • To know the realities of these invited territories and to identify common vulnerabilities and obstacles to climate change adaptation.
  • To promote common policies through consensus building ando n the basis of the conclusions of the regional committees and the supra-regional working group, to generate a document of proposals for adaptation to climate for European policy makers, such as the EU agricultural policy(participatory).

In the morning, project partners presented the LIFE MIDMACC project, the conclusions of the Regional Committees and the Supra-Regional Working Group of the project, and the MIDMACC transferability and replicability plan. Later on, the territories invited to the event presented their case study, the problems they face and the solutions they are applying to face climate change related challenges. The invited territories were:

  • European mountain territories:
    • VAL D’AOSTA (IT), Mauro Bassignana, Institut AgricoleRégional
    • VENETO (IT), Aline Vierin, CERVIM
    • SAVOIE (FR), Dr. Frank Berkules
    • PRESPA National Parck (GR), Irene Koutseri, Project coordinator LIFE Prespa Waterbirds, Society for theProtection of Prespa.
    • DORDOGNE (FR), Roland Thieleke, Director of EPIDOR,
    • ALTO TÂMEGA (PT), Avelino Rego, Project Manager LIFE MARONESA
    • CINQUE TERRE (IT), Daniele Piazza, TERRAVIVA Project
  • Pyrenean territories:
    • EUSKADI, Miquel de Francisco, Fundación HAZI
    • NAVARRA, Ignacio Gil, DG Agriculture, Gobierno deNavarra.
    • ANDORRA, Meritxell Cuyas and Maria Salas, Gobierno de Andorra.
    • ARIÉGE – OCCITANIE, Laure Chevillard, PNR des PyrénéesAriégeoises

Around noon, a participatory session was developed to reach a consesnsus on the proposals to be included un the EU agricultural policy, with the contributions of the different participants.

In the afternoon, a virtual visit to the pilot experiences were developed, leaded by LIFE MIDMACC partners. The experiences presented were 1) pasture recovery and extensive livestock farming; 2) Forest management and extensive livestock; 3) recovery of vineyards in mountain areas; and 4) modelling at basin level.

Following, we include the document that collects the main results and conclusions of the seminar (available in Spanish):

Following, some of the power point presentations presented on the Seminar are included: