LIFE MIDMACC video: Living mountains, resilient mountains

“Mid-mountain areas have suffered significant losses of agricultural, livestock and forestry activity over the last century.”

With this beginning, the video “Living mountains, resilient mountains” explains, in the words of the actors and stakeholders who are accompanying us in the development of the project, which challenges are facing to adapt to climate change and which solutions and experiences are developing to increase the resilience of the mountain areas to climate change and to recover the socioeconomic activity of abandoned mid-mountain areas.

A video that has counted with the participation of:

  • Virginia Larraz, farmer and agronomic engineer of Novés, Aragon.
  • Anna Espelt, vine-grower of Celler Espelt in Roses, Catalonia.
  • Javier Ferrer, research technician in La Garcipollera Experimental Estate, Aragon, and CITA.
  • Cristina Galilea, farmer in Ajamil, La Rioja.
  • Rubén Sáenz, winemaker in San Prudencio Winery in Clavijo, La Rioja.
  • Conxita Esteba, forestry owner in Requesens state, la Jonquera, Catalonia.

The video has been recorded and edited by deRomero studio, we hope it helps you to know and understand a little better the objectives and challenges of LIFE MIDMACC project