Document of results for the 3rd meeting of the Working Group Supra-Regional

On 28th April 2022, the third meeting of the Supra-Segional Working Group was held virtually with 8 representatives from all three territories participating in the project: Catalonia, Aragon and La Rioja.

The session consisted on three main blocs, after the initial presentation of the participants. The first bloc included the presentation of the assessment of vulnerability for mid-mountain areas, developed by the project. The participants could contribute and validate this last version of the document. The second bloc included a presentation about the successful example of the pilot vineyard plots in Cap de Creus (Catalonia) as a fire extinguishing point, presented by one of the stakeholders of the project, Anna Espelt, owner of Bodega Espelt). The last bloc consisted in the presentation of a European Policy Initiative that will be presented in Brussels on May 31st 2022.