LIFE PASTORALP (Pastures vulnerability and adaptation strategies to climate change impacts in the Alps) aims at reducing the impacts of climate change on alpine pastures, increasing their resilience and decreasing their vulnerability. The main objectives of the project are: i) identify and test adaptation strategies; 2) increase the awareness of local pastoral communities on climate change issues (capacity building); 3) promote efficient and sustainable management strategies for alpine pastures, taking in account also socio-economic issues. The final output will be the deployment of platform tools facilitating the adoption of adaptation strategies in the two parks (Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy and Parc National des Ecrins in France), aligned with the objectives of the ‘Climate change adaptation priority area’ of the EU. The strategies and tools developed in this work could be easily exploited in other pastoral areas across Western Alps.

The networking activities between LIFE MIDMACC and LIFE PASTORALP are articulated around the following items: 1) share relevant posts from our social networks; 2) share drafts of products (those focusing on adaptation strategies and adaptation plans) for an external evaluation; 3) organise an exchange visit either in Autumn 2021 or in Spring 2022 to both project experimental sites; 4) collaborate in seminars and workshops; and 5) look for funding opportunities to present a join proposal within LIFE and/or HORIZON EUROPE programmes

Coordinator: University of Florence (Italy)