Participants: Pyrenean Ecology Institute IPE -CSIC

Pyrenean Ecology Institute is a research centre which belongs to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), in the Natural Resources Area, with two campus, in Jaca and Zaragoza. IPE’s main aim is to improve the understanding of terrestrial ecosystem functioning and structure. In addition, IPE’s research focuses on ecosystems changes due to Global Change, including climate variability and human activities, and generates scientific basis for ecosystem conservation and management.
In LIFE MIDMACC, IPE is responsible of the design, implementation and monitoring of the following adaptation measures: scrubland clearing plots in Aragón and La Rioja and forest management with extensive livestock in Aragón; in addition, IPE collaborates in the monitoring of the effects of new vineyards in altitude in La Rioja. IPE is also the responsible of the creation of the map of actors in Aragón and La Rioja and of the up-scaling tasks (hydro-climatic modelling of selected watersheds) and landscape changes analysis. Finally, IPE will support the creation of the Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Guidelines.

Team members


Estela Nadal Romero

Tenure scientist
IPE_Teodoro Lasanta

Teodoro Lasanta Martínez

Research professor

Javier Zabalza Martínez



Sergio Vicente Serrano

Tenure scientist

Yolanda Pueyo

Tenure scientist


Juan Ignacio López Moreno

Tenure scientist

Pedro Sánchez Navarrete

Fields and laboratory technician

Trinidad Bernal Barranco

Administration and project management

Mariola Cervera Aparicio

Administration and project management