LIFE RESILIENT FORESTS project is about improving the resilience of forests to climate change, enhancing resilience to wildfire, environmental degradation and other climate-induced disturbances. The main objective is the development of a basin-scale forest management concept that can be applied throughout Europe.

The main objective of the project is the demonstration and replication of an innovative forestry management approach at the basin scale that: 1) increases the resilience of the forest to climate change, 2) increases the water resource, 3) increases the production of bio- energy, 4) increase the provision of economic opportunities in rural areas, and 5) reduce the risk of fire.

The collaboration between the LIFE MIDMACC and LIFE RESILIENT FOREST projects is based on the possibility of applying the LIFE RESILIENT FOREST model in the LIFE MIDMACC experimental plots and of validating the model with the data measured in the monitoring network of the plots. Additionally, LIFE RESILIENT FOREST proposes to use their model in the LIFE MIDMACC scaling process to see how would design the mosaic landscape with the optimization process. It is also considered interesting to use the LIFE RESILIENT FOREST model to make an economic and environmental evaluation of the pilot experiences and actions proposed in LIFE MIDMACC.

Coordinator: Polytechnic University of Valencia