LIFE MIDMACC promotes adaptation through the implementation and testing of different landscape management measures to meet climate change related challenges in marginal mid-mountain areas of Spain (La Rioja, Aragon and Catalonia), while improving their socioeconomic development.


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On 19th February of 2020, the first meeting of the Supra-regional working group was held in Zaragoza with 11 representatives from all three territories participating in the project: Catalonia, Aragon and La Rioja. The results of the territorial committees were presented and the participants proposed solutions to some of the project barriers identified by the committees.
On 30th and 31th of January of 2020 the NEEMO monitor who is monitoring LIFE MIDMACC project made the first annual visit. The meeting was hold i Zaragoza (CSIC headquarters). The project beneficiaries solve doubts, explain the progress and milestones achieved in these first six months and made a field visit to the experimental farm in La Garcipollera (Aragon), where the IPE-CSIC is implementing different pilots.


Document of results for the 1st meeting of the Working Group Supra-Regional

Report of the LIFE MIDMACC project on Aragón TV, program El futuro de Nuestra tierra

Document of results for the 1st meeting of the Regional Committee in Aragon