LIFE MIDMACC collaborates with the following initiatives and projects:

LIFE SHARA “Sharing Awareness and Governance of Adaptation to Climate Change in Spain” aims to build a society highly capacitated to adapt to climate change, through the cooperation among all relevant actors, knowledge generation and awareness rising.

The objective of the project is to demonstrate the interest of a new plurifunctional agro-silva-pastoral integrated management system as an alternative of profitable management to fight against the problem of the abandonment of agriculture in Mediterranean mountain areas and the environmental (soil degradation, vulnerability to climate change, loss of biodiversity) and socio-economic consequences (territorial imbalances, loss of productive capacity of the territory) that this abandonment is producing.

LIFE Climark

LIFE FOREST CO2, Assessment of forest-carbon sinks and promotion of compensation systems as tools for climate change mitigation, is a demonstrative project, of transnational scope, developed jointly by Spanish and French partners.

The LIFE WATERCOOL project aims to develop and test innovative solutions to cope with high temperatures, both outdoors and indoors, and with temporary water runoff and drought situations in an urban environment subject to climate change

LIFE CLIMARK, Beyond carbon, promotes forest management for climate change mitigation through the design of a local climate credit market. The main objectives of the project are to contribute to the mitigation of climate change and increase the carbon sink capacity of Mediterranean forests by fostering the mitigating effects of multifunctional forest management through the creation of a climate credit market.

LIFE RESILIENT FORESTS project is about improving the resilience of forests to climate change, enhancing resilience to wildfire, environmental degradation and other climate-induced disturbances. The main objective is the development of a basin-scale forest management concept that can be applied throughout Europe.

LIFE ADAPTAMED main objective is the protection of key ecosystem services by adaptive management of Climate Change endangered Mediterranean socioecosystems. LIFE ADAPTAMED aims to mitigate the negative effect of Climate Change on key ecosystem services provided by three representative Mediterranean Natural Protected Areas (Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, Doñana National and Natural Park and Sierra Nevada and Natural Park) to local inhabitants and their socioeconomic sector.

LIFE PASTORALP (Pastures vulnerability and adaptation strategies to climate change impacts in the Alps) aims at reducing the impacts of climate change on alpine pastures, increasing their resilience and decreasing their vulnerability.