The objective of the project is to demonstrate the interest of a new plurifunctional agro-silva-pastoral integrated management system as an alternative of profitable management to fight against the problem of the abandonment of agriculture in Mediterranean mountain areas and the environmental (soil degradation, vulnerability to climate change, loss of biodiversity) and socio-economic consequences (territorial imbalances, loss of productive capacity of the territory) that this abandonment is producing.

The project is concreted in the start-up of a pilot farm where the proposed agro-silvo-pastoral system will be applied on a real scale. This implementation on a real scale with a design planned to facilitate the demonstration of the applied techniques is fundamental to be able to reach the collectives that guarantee their replicability in the territory. To facilitate this replicability, there is a space for the realization of practical courses in the field, the realization of assessments and the realization of a guide and videos to demonstrate the practical application of the polyfarming system.

The collaboration between the LIFE MIDMACC and LIFE Polyfarming projects is based on the use of the knowledge and methodology baggage of LIFE Polyfarming to the recovery and management of pastures in the pilot forest areas of LIFE MIDMACC where these practices can be applied. At the same time, LIFE MIDMACC can be a good area of replicability for many of the measures tested at LIFE Polyfarming.

Coordinator: CREAF