Participants: OCCC Catalan Office for Climate Change

The Catalan Office of Climate Change is the technical unit of the Government of Catalonia been in charge to promote in Catalonia the establishment of strategies, plans and projects on climate change. The OCCCC has been responsible for drafting the Catalan Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (ESCACC 2013-2020) and has been actively involved in drafting the Catalan Climate Change Act.
In LIFE MIDMACC, OCCC coordinates the implementation of Action C.5 “Development of Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Guidelines based on vulnerability assessments, pilot experiences and viability analysis”. The objective is to develop guidelines that integrate all information gathered along the project in a structured and comprehensive document that provides relevant socioeconomic alternatives for mid-mountain areas to face climate change impacts and increase the resilience in the forest and agricultural sectors.

Team members


Salvador Samitier i Martí

Head of the Catalan Office for Climate Change.

Gabriel Borràs Calvo

Head of the Adaptation Area.

Gemma Cantos Font

Technician of the Adaptation Area.

Conrad Quintana

Technician of the administrative and financial staff.