Participants: CTP - OPCC Working Community of the Pyrenees

The Working Community of the Pyrenees (CTP) is a Public Consortium for cross border cooperation created in 1983 and formed by the 7 territories within the Pyrenees mountain chain of Spain, France and Andorra. CTP has launched in 2010 the Pyrenees Climate Change Observatory (OPCC), with the aim of studying and better understand threats and problems of climate changes in the Pyrenees. The final objective is to reduce the vulnerability of natural and human systems to the impacts of such changes and support territories in the definition of adaptation strategies through the transfer of knowledge in a cross brother participatory framework. The major working axes of CTP (OPCC) are climate variability (trends and projections), water resources, biodiversity (flora and fauna), forest, natural risks, sensitive mountain ecosystems, energy sector, tourism and human health and adaptation, transversally.
The CTP is in charge of the transferability and replicability of the results and methodologies of the project. The transferability Plan will be strategically designed to multiply the impact of replicability activities identifying the potential for use, the ease for transferability, the key channels and forums and the resources to support the transfer. Replicability activities in three other european mid-mountain areas will be performed in order to ensure the replicability of project’s results in similar areas.

Team members


Eva García Balaguer

Coordinator of the Pyrenees Climate Change Observatory (OPCC)


Jean-Louis Valls

Manager of the Working
Community of the Pyrenees (CTP)