LIFE MIDMACC video: Scaling up climate change adaptation measures using the Regional Hydro-ecological Simulation System (RHESSys).

This video shows the work developed in MIDMACC project to upscale the practices implemented in the pilot experiences at the river basin level, with a focus in the replicability and transferability of this actions. We apply future climate models into the hydro-ecological model to evaluate how vegetation and flow react to these changes in precipitation and temperature. We also introduce changes in land use and vegetation, in particular scrubland clearing and forest management. This model allows us to conclude that there will be higher flows in winter, but also more severe low-water periods in summer.  Taking into account climate projections and forest management in the Pyrenees, forest stands would be more resilient to climate change, and we would maintain better flows in the catchment areas.

This video has been developed by the Pyrenean Climate Change Observatory of the Working Community of the Pyrenees in charge of the transferability and replicability of LIFE MIDMACC results.