Deliverable 31: Report with the final monitoring results of the adaptive forest management (action C2)

This deliverable presents the results obtained from monitoring of the pilot experiences during the whole monitoring period (2020-2023). The pilot experiences were mainly implemented by the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, the setting of initial monitoring variables was performed in 2020, the first, second and third monitoring campaigns were realized in 2021, 2022 and 2023 respectively, between May and November.

Following the monitoring protocol developed in deliverable 9 (Pascual et al., 2020b), this document includes the results obtained in the pilot experiences of forest management for fire risk prevention and maintenance with extensive livestock farming in Aragon and Catalonia. This deliverable is built over the previous ones (DL14. Report with the 1st year monitoring results of the implementation action C2, DL19. Report with the 2nd year monitoring results of the implementation action C2, DL28. Report with the 3rd year monitoring results of the implementation action C2), adding new results and conclusions.

The first section is a short introduction to the deliverable, with a briefly description of the pilot experiments and the main objectives of this deliverable. The second section summaries the monitoring protocol, to have a quick overview of the monitored variables. The third, fourth and fifth sections detail the results of all monitoring campaigns, in both sites of Aragon and Catalonia. Finally, the sixth section summarizes the main outcomes found in the monitoring campaigns.