Deliverable 32: Report with the final monitoring results of the vineyards pilots (action C3)

This deliverable presents the results obtained from monitoring of the vineyards pilot experiences during the activities carried out up to December 2023 to monitor the action C3. The pilot experiences were implemented by the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 in Catalonia and La Rioja. The setting of monitoring variables was performed from middle 2020, the first complete monitoring campaign was carried out in 2021, the second in 2022 and the third in 2023. Following the monitoring protocol explained in Deliverable 10 (Aranda et al. 2020), this document presents the final monitoring results of the implementation C3 action obtained in the pilot experiences in vineyards in Catalonia and La Rioja.

The first section is a short introduction to the deliverable, with a briefly description of the pilot experiments and the main objectives of this deliverable. The second section summarises the monitoring protocol, to have a quick overview of the monitored variables in Catalonia and La Rioja. The third and fourth sections detail the results of the variables measured in both sites of Catalonia and La Rioja during the three campaigns. The fifth section summarizes the main outcomes found up and the evaluation of the adaptation measures implemented. Finally, the sixth section summarizes the main case-by-case recommendations.

We have tried to define accurately all the activities that have been carried out these three years before evaluating the adaptation measures implemented. We have presented the final results of all the environmental variables that have been measured with different methodologies, timings, and protocols: (i) soil properties (soil analysis and soil moisture, soil microbial biodiversity), (ii) vineyard production (total production, grape quality, wine quality), (iii) hydrological and sedimentological response (infiltration rates, sediments, times to response), and (iv) site meteorological conditions (air moisture and temperature, rainfall). Finally, with all the results, we have established some recommendations for each site.