Deliverable 22: Adaptation measures for climate change in Mediterranean mid-mountains: a practical guide

The mountain areas of southern Europe are very sensitive to the impacts of climate change, areas that in recent decades have suffered a progressive depopulation due to the abandonment of the traditional primary sector, which has caused reforestation and, consequently, a homogenization of the landscape and a decrease in its environmental resilience.
In this context, LIFE MIDMACC project promotes the adaptation to climate change of the Mediterranean mid-mountain through the recovery of a more resilient mosaic landscape against climate change from the recovery of pastures, forest management and the cultivation of the vineyard.
This document is a guide that compiles main results and conclusions of the LIFE MIDMACC project. This guide summarizes, first of all, the risk analysis of the Mediterranean mid-mountain to the impacts of climate change; then, the methodology used, the results, the basin upscaling and the recommendations based on the deployment of the measures in three territories (La Rioja, Aragon and Catalonia). Finally, other adaptation measures are proposed for the Mediterranean mid-mountain based on the work carried out with the actors of the territory.