LIFE MIDMACC video: Adaptative management of viticulture in mountain and mid-mountain, a key component of the landscape mosaic

This video proposes to show the work carried out by LIFE MIDMACC in the adaptive management of mountain and mid-mountain viticulture as a key piece of the mosaic landscape and encourages its replication. The different experimental pilot plots of LIFE MIDMACC compare different systems of vine planting, on slopes and terraces, and also two systems of vine training systems, the free or gobelet system or the use of trellis, to see which one brings more adaptive solutions and to see how the dynamics of water, soil, crop water consumption, soil biodiversity, provide useful solutions for other mountain viticulture projects in other territories.

This video has been developed by The Pyrenean Climate Change Observatory of the Working Community of the Pyrenees in charge of the transferability and replicability of LIFE MIDMACC results.