Deliverable 4: LIFE MIDMACC Communication and Dissemination Plan

This deliverable presents the initial framework of the LIFE MIDMACC Communication and Dissemination Plan. It provides a general communication and dissemination strategy for LIFE MIDMACC project.

The general objectives of LIFE MIDMACC Communication and Dissemination Plan are to:

  • disseminate effectively the project goals and outcomes,
  • set up efficient tools for the communication towards various stakeholders (scientific communities, professionals, decisions makers, public, etc.),
  • exploit synergies in liaisons and collaborations.

The present document acts as a general roadmap for all LIFE MIDMACC-related communication and dissemination activities. It presents LIFE MIDMACC overall communication and dissemination strategy; analyses the project’s target actors; presents a set of core communication messages; analyses the communication resources available to the project; describes the project’s own communication channels and dissemination materials produced by the project; lists external dissemination opportunities, and sets evaluation targets for project lifespan.