Three TV reports have explained the particularities of Llivins Winery vineyards, a high mountain area in Girona province. One of the pilot experience of LIFE MIDMACC project is developed in this area, under the implementation of Llivins Winery. Here you can know a little more about this winery and the pilot experiences of the LIFE MIDMACC.
The LIFE MIDMACC project has contributed to the publication of the article on "Experiences of preventive silvopasture in Alt Empordà", in the publication of the XXXVII Emili Garolera Conference Proceedings published by the Forestry Consortium of Catalonia.
This deliverable gives an in deep description of the monitoring tasks and network developed to assess and compare the evolution of the pilot experiences in comparison with the initial conditions, with the control plots and with the experiences in other areas of the project. This deliverable explains the monitoring protocol developed for one of the landscape management practices considered in this project, that is, the promotion of mountain agriculture by means of vineyards, both by the conversion of scrubs into vineyards and by the adaptation of agricultural practices to climate change conditions in long-established vineyards.